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Direct printing

To be able to achieve this fantastic quality, we use the latest technologies for direct printing. The inkjet printing directly on the material gives us the possibility to make small and medium series with perfect quality and dimensions 2.5x3m. The drying with UV rays gives us the possibility to print on every type of flat surfaces – glass, all types of acrylic, foam PVC, rigid PVC, eco board, foam cardboard,etc. But we could also print on some rough surfaces – embossed glass, leather, textile, wood. The perfect resolution is achieved with different sizes of the spot of the ink. The dimension of a drop varies between 6 and 42 picoleters and enables to print at the same time texts with size of 2 pt. The effective resolution is 1440 points per inch. The inks with UV drying could be used both indoor and outdoor. There is no need to make any compromises with the quality for exterior usage. The printing is waterproof.